2019 Conference Presentations

2019 Conference Presentations

Click on the session titles below to access handouts for the Conference. If the title is not in red, handouts have not yet been received from the presenter….as they come in, we will link below. Please note that not all speakers have allowed us to publish their presentations.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

8:30AM-4:00PM The Basics Workshop

1) The Basics: Effective Hearing Protection
2) The Basics: Audiogram and How to Use it
3) The Basics: Noise Measurement
4) The Basics: Hearing Loss Recordability
5) The Basics: Regulation
6) The Basics: Education and Motivation


Boothless Audiometry – Gordon, Lefrancois, Fallon, Clavier & Norris

The Art of Presentation

Selecting Hearing Protection Devices Using New & Updated Standards

PSP Workshop


Fit Testing

Exploring The Audio of Hearing & Hearing Conservation

Advanced Hearing Protection

Friday, February 8, 2019

8:15AM-8:45AM Keynote- Hear, Better. Do More.

8:45AM-9:05AM The OSHA Age Corrections Are Not Correct:  Evidence From NHANES & Longitudinal Analyses of Exposed Workers

9:05AM-9:25AM Adult Use of Personal Hearing Protection Devices at Loud Athletic or Entertainment Events

9:25AM-9:45AM Otoprotective Pharmacologic Agents: The Way Forward

10:15AM-10:35AM Influence of Incidental Motor Activity On Middle Ear Muscle Contractions

10:35AM-10:55AM The Future Is Now: Eight Ways Otoacoustic Emissions Can Be Used To Advance Hearing Conservation Programs

10:55AM-11:15AM A National Occupational Research Agenda for Hearing Loss Prevention

11:15AM-11:35AM Kurtosis Level Incorporating Additional Information Into Noise Exposure Analysis 

12:05PM-1:30PM Luncheon Speaker

1:30PM-1:50PM The Department of Defense Comprehensive Hearing Health Program: A Precision Medicine Initiative Study

1:50PM-2:10PM A Portable Auditory Localization Training System For Military Applications: Training Stimuli Development & Protocol Optimization

2:10PM-2:30PM Noise Injury in the Military: Where is it really coming from?

3:00PM-3:20PM Acoustic trauma: Minimum Exposures To Continuous Noise

3:20PM-3:40PM Facilitating Corporate Adoption of Hearing Conservation Improvements & Best Practice

3:40PM-4:00PM Use of Technology in Hearing Protection Educational Interventions Among Youth: Lessons Learned From Recent Studies

4:00PM-4:20PM Sometimes 85 is just a number, but sometimes it’s more. And, sometimes it’s less

4:20PM-4:40PM Comparison of Gas-Powered vs. Battery-Powered Equipment for Landscape Maintenance; Hedge Trimming Operations

4:40PM-5:15PM 2018 Safe-in-Sound Excellence in Hearing Loss Prevention Awards

Saturday, February 9, 2019


Assessing Hearing, Aging, and Cognitive Decline in Agricultural Workers

Learning to Localize with Advanced Hearing Protectors and TCAPS, Importance and Practicality of Learning Curves

Laboratory and Field Studies of MEMC in Response to Impulse Noise-


Noise Exposure of Sugar Cane Factory Workers in Guatemala

Effects of Hearing Loss and Language Proficiency On Speech Intelligibility of Radio Messages Over Tactical Communication Devices

Fundamental Mechanisms of the Objective Occlusion Effect Revisited Using A Finite Element Model of the Outer Ear


Noise and Hearing Loss Among Farmers: Results From A Point Source Intervention Study

Hearing Protective Devices and Firearms Suppressors: Audiologists’ Knowledge and Self-Efficacy

10:40AM-11:10AM Systemic Reviews of Health Outcomes Associated with Noise Exposure in Humans

11:10AM-11:30AM Classification of Nonverbal Human Produced Audio Events: A Pilot Study

11:30AM-11:50AM Hearing Loss Among World Trade Center Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Workers: A 10-Year Longitudinal Analysis

2:25PM-2:55PM Gasaway Lecture

2:55PM-3:15PM Comparisons of DRC for Impulsive Noise: Evidence from Firearm Noise

3:15PM-3:35PM Removing the Din from Dining: Raising Noise Pollution Awareness, Community by Community

3:55PM-4:15PM Automated Audiometry and Telemedicine: Breaking Down Barriers to Diagnostic Audiometry

4:15PM-4:35PM How Can New Technology Help Stop Headphone Users Suffering From Avoidable Hearing Loss?