2020 Schedule

Friday Keynote:

Hearing, Aging, and Public Health – From Epidemiology to Public Policy
Presented By: Jennifer Deal, PhD

Medicine and public health have evolved through three eras over the past century. Beginning in the first half of the 20th century, infectious diseases were controlled for the first time in human history through vaccinations, antibiotics, and other strategies. Subsequently, throughout the 20th century, chronic diseases of middle and later life (e.g., cardiovascular disease, cancers) became the leading causes of mortality but have also increasingly been better controlled. These successes of public health have led to a rapidly increasing population of older adults living longer than ever before. In this third era of public health and medicine, we are now confronting the challenges of aging and how to best optimize the health and functioning of a growing population of older adults. In this era, hearing and our ability to engage effectively with the environment around us are critically important but not yet priorities in the spheres of public health and public policy.

I will discuss research over the past several years that has demonstrated the broad implications of hearing loss for the health and functioning of older adults, particularly with respect to cognitive functioning, brain aging, and dementia. I will then discuss how this epidemiologic research has directly informed and led to current national initiatives in the United States focused on hearing loss and public health. These initiatives include the Aging and Cognitive Health Evaluation in Elders (ACHIEVE) randomized controlled trial and recent passage of the bipartisan Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act in 2017. This federal law overturns over 40 years of regulatory precedent around hearing aids in the U.S. in order to directly improve the accessibility and affordability of hearing care for older adults.”

Friday Luncheon Lecture:

The Fifth Sense
Presented By: Dallas Taylor

Our world is dominated by the five senses, but why does hearing get the short straw? Everything around us is designed for sight, touch, taste, and smell—but when it comes to hearing, intentionality goes in one ear and out the other.

Sound so often gets overlooked. We tend to address a smelly shoe or indulge in that tasty piece of pie but we tend to ignore that squeaky door or the loud hum of a refrigerator. Taking it even further, what are the possibilities if we begin to address sound in more intentional ways? Sound is the next frontier in wellness and luxury. It has the ability to influence your mind in ways we never thought possible and our culture is just beginning to harness it.

Dallas explore these ideas and share some of the most impactful moments from his podcast, Twenty Thousand Hertz.

Friday Night Event:
Margaritaville Night Out

Join us from 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm at the Margaritaville Restaurant for some food, drinks and fun with your NHCA peers.

  • Busses will be on a rotation starting at 6:00 pm, picking up from the front of the Grand Complex, for the group to start arriving at the restaurant by 6:30 pm. If you don’t catch one of the first busses, don’t worry, you can hop on the next!
  • Food and drinks will be available at the restaurant in a private space for our group to enjoy together
  • At 8:30 pm, Tanisha Hammill, Program Chair, will explain a fun networking event around the Harborwalk Village to wrap the night up, stay the whole time for a chance to win some prizes!