2021 Continuing Education

The live conference will be offered for 0.5 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area.)
The pre-recorded sessions are offered for 1.8 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level; Professional area. )

[IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Pre-recorded sessions include the live programs that are recorded and offered to those who missed the live session. You cannot get credit for attending both the live and recorded sessions on the same topic. The MAX number of CEUs you can obtain for attending the conference is 1.9 ASHA CEUs. YOU MUST attend the one-hour LIVE poster session to receive .1 ASHA CEUs for the poster session.

Participants will get up to 0.5 ASHA CEUs on their transcript for the live event; you can earn up to 1.8 ASHA CEUs for the pre-recorded package; you can earn a maximum total of 1.9 ASHA CEUs if you attend the live sessions (or watch the recordings) and all of the pre-recorded sessions.]
[NOTE: For AAA, all 1.9 CEUs, both live and pre-recorded, will be included in the conference package/transcript. You do not have to watch the poster sessions live to get the .1 CEUs offered, but if you view the recordings, you must watch at least 4 poster sessions and complete the evaluations to get the .1 CEUs.]

Obtaining CE Credit for Nurses:

Certificates of continuing education are available to registrants at no additional fee. In order to receive a certificate of continuing education, an online evaluation must be completed for each session or institute attended. Participants must complete evaluation of each activity in order to receive documentation of participation. Please note that NHCA is not accredited by individual states or the Department of Education to offer CE credits. Meeting registrants are responsible for verifying whether CE credits offered by APHA can be used toward maintenance of their license or certification.

Click here to view the one-page pdf showing speaker names and disclosed financial and non-financial conflicts of interest. If there aren’t any conflicts disclosed, it will say “none.” Click here to view speaker & co-speaker conflict of interest forms.

Click here to view the agenda, speaker names, program titles and learning objectives.

How to obtain your CEUs for AAA and ASHA


The conference is a combination of both live virtual presentations and pre-recorded presentations that you can access during the live conference days up until Friday, March 19.

For LIVE sessions (offered on Friday, 2/26 and Saturday, 2/27): For AAA and/or ASHA, you can watch these sessions live or as a recording in the LMS up until March 19. You don’t have to watch the sessions live in order to get the CEU credit but they are offered live, if you prefer.

After Friday, March 19 you will no longer have access to the recorded sessions and you will not be able to submit for CE credit for these sessions as part of your conference attendance.

AAA CEU INFORMATION: All live and pre-recorded sessions were submitted as part of the overall conference package. If you attend all of the live sessions (or watch the recordings) and watch all of the recorded sessions, the total CEUs you can earn is 1.9.

ASHA CEU INFORMATION: As required by ASHA, all live sessions were submitted as part of a conference package for .5 ASHA CEUs, and then the pre-recorded sessions/recordings of the live sessions were submitted as a separate package for a total of 1.8 ASHA CEUs. If you attend all of the live sessions (or watch the recordings) and you watch all of the recorded sessions, the total CEUs you can earn is 1.9. If you only watch the recordings the total CEUs you can earn is 1.8 because the recorded poster sessions will not count for CEUs. YOU MUST attend the one-hour LIVE poster session, and attend at least 4 of the poster sessions, to receive .1 CEUs for the poster session.

ASHA has changed the way we are able to submit our conference attendance rosters so we are not required to obtain an ASHA participant from you for this conference.


CODES FOR LIVE SESSIONS: For each of the live sessions, you will receive a code that you must input into the evaluation form for that session (in the NHCA Learning Management System/LMS), in order to confirm your attendance at that particular session. Once you complete the evaluation you will receive an email with your CEU certificate.

POSTER SESSIONS – live and recorded: There is a live session at the end of Day 2, February 27, 1:45pm – 2:45pm Central Time. There are 6 poster sessions that will be in breakout rooms during the Zoom session. In order to receive .1 CEUs for the poster session you will need to visit 4 of the 6 poster sessions and get a code from each of them to input into the individual poster session evaluations. Once you complete an evaluation for each of the 4 poster sessions you attended, you will complete a final “Attestation form for CEU certificate” to receive a CE certificate for .1 CEUs. If you have less than 4 you will not receive ANY credit. If you attend and submit evaluations for 4 you will earn .1 CEUs. If you attend and submit evaluations for more than 4 poster sessions you will still ONLY receive credit for .1 CEUs. IMPORTANT, please note: ASHA requires that you attend poster sessions live so that you can interact with the presenters. Therefore, you can only receive poster session credit for ASHA if you attend the live sessions. AAA does not have this requirement so you can watch the recorded sessions (at least 4) and complete the evaluations and earn .1 AAA CEUs.

PRE-RECORDED SESSIONS: For each of the pre-recorded sessions, you will login to the NHCA Learning Management System (LMS) and watch the session. Once you’ve watched the video it will open up the evaluation that you can complete in order to receive an email with your CE certificate.

To visit the LMS, complete your evaluations and earn your CEUs/receive your CE certificate:

  1. Login to nhc.mclms.net
  2. Click on the login button in the upper right hand corner. After you login you will be returned to the same page on the LMS. (Note: You need to login because only registered conference attendees have access to the conference information on the LMS.) You will login using your username and password, typically your email for your username and a password you setup when you joined NHCA or registered as a non-member for the conference. If you are having trouble logging in, simply click on “Retrieve Username” or “Reset Password.” If you are still having trouble, contact NHCA at nhcaoffice@hearingconservation.org.
  3. There will be 3 conference packages listed in the LMS: Virtual Conference Day 1 (Friday); Virtual Conference Day 2 (Saturday); Virtual Conference Day (Pre-Recorded Session Library). Within each day you will see the sessions available. For example, within Virtual Conference Day 1 there will be all of the live sessions you can access during this day of the live conference. The ones that provide CEUs will be noted and you will need to complete an evaluation for each of those sessions in order to receive CEU credit.
  4. In each evaluation, you will be asked if you are submitting for AAA or ASHA credit. You must indicate what you are seeking credit for AND you must also provide your member number for these entities. If you do not indicate that you want credit and you do not provide your AAA and/or ASHA member id, you are not guaranteed to receive CEU credit.
  5. In addition to the email you receive with your CE certificate (auto-sent after you complete your evaluation), your CEUs will also be added to and tracked in your NHCA profile. You can login to your NHCA profile anytime to retrieve a transcript showing the CEUs you’ve earned through the NHCA LMS. [Note: If you want to use the NHCA database to track all of your CEUs, you can manually add CEUs that you’ve earned from other events/entities.

CONFERENCE SURVEY: You will receive an email with a link to a conference survey asking you to evaluate the virtual conference, overall, and asking you to submit ideas for future content. As part of both the AAA and ASHA CEU process, we are required to conduct a needs assessment survey for planning and development purposes

LIVE CONFERENCE CEUs for Days 1 and 2 Total .5 CEUs for the conference package.

Day 1: Friday, February 26, 2021

  • Opening Keynote – Where we have been and where we are now. Speaker: Elizabeth Masterson (.05 CEUs)
  • The Need for a Re-Examination of ISO 1999. Speaker: Alice Suter (.05 CEUs)
  • A new noise exposure criteria is needed for complex noise. Speaker: Bill Murphy (.05 CEUs)
  • The association between hearing loss and hearing protector attenuation among miners. Speaker: Rick Neitzel (.05 CEUs)

Day 2: Saturday, February 27, 2021

  • Hearing Conservation Strategies for a Mobile Workplace. Speaker: Jeffrey Winget (.05 CEUs)
  • Turning Angst into Action During Covid-19 Challenges! Speaker: Vivianne Wersel (.05 CEUs)
  • TED Talk: The birth of a word, and applications and implications of big data. With Elliott Berger (.1 CEUs)
  • Poster Session. Multiple presenters (.1 CEUs)

View a list of all of the pre-recorded sessions and speakers on the schedule tab here: http://www.nhca.civicaconferences.com/schedule-2021/


Total CEUs for Day 1 and Day 2 live virtual sessions = .5 AAA/ASHA CEUs

Each pre-recorded session is worth .05 AAA/ASHA CEUs.

TOTAL CEUs for ALL SESSIONS, for both AAA and ASHA are 1.9 CEUs or 19 hours.