National Hearing Conservation Association

We are good people sharing a common vision—preventing NIHL. NHCA’s members reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of hearing conservation, with expertise in various areas.

NHCA was formed in June of 1976, at that time designated as the Hearing Conservation Association, and incorporated in the state of Florida on July 8, 1976. The organization changed its name to the National Hearing Conservation Association in 1981. The founders of NHCA were mainly audiologists and otolaryngologists who were concerned with the serious problem of noise-induced hearing impairment resulting from occupational exposure to noise.

Bottom line…NHCA is simply a dedicated group of excellent people, willing to share their expertise, devoted to the prevention of hearing loss.

About the Conference

The NHCA annual conference brings together professionals in many disciplines to share information and gain increased insights regarding occupational hearing conservation.

Who Attends:

    • Audiologists
    • Engineers
    • Industrial hygienists
    • Safety professionals
    • Physicians
    • Nurses
  • Others